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standard-readme compliant

A small Slim 3 application to compare the subscriptions of two YouTube channels

SubCompare is, as the name would suggest, a simple application that utilizes the YouTube Data API to fetch the subscriptions of two YouTube channels and perform some basic comparison between them. It takes two YouTube channel IDs as input, and produces a comparison breakdown of the common subscriptions between both channels as well as the subscriptions unique to one or the other.

Table of Contents


SubCompare was created at the request of a friend after they failed to find any similar service. It's not a terribly useful niche application, but we programmers like a challenge. :)



Obtaining an API key

To obtain a YouTube Data API key, click here and enable the YouTube Data API v3. Then, go to the Credentials section, and create an API key. Add optional restrictions as you see fit, and copy the API key into .env post-installation.


$ git clone
$ cd SubCompare
$ composer install
$ cp .env.example .env # assuming composer didn't do this for you
$ $EDITOR .env

In .env, fill out the required YT_API_KEY config option (see Obtaining an API key for info).

At this point, install your nginx configs if necessary and restart your webserver.


Simply browse to your configured domain. SubCompare will present a form with two boxes for channel IDs (if you aren't sure how to get your channel ID, click here). Just paste the channels you want to compare into the box, and click Submit. SubCompare will handle the rest.



Issues, suggestions, or concerns? Submit a GitHub issue!

Want to add a feature? We accept PRs!


Copyright (c) Eliot Partridge, 2016-17. Licensed under the MPL v2.0.