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This docker and singularity image bundles the tgv-qsm algorithm with bet2, dcm2niix and provides a complete QSM processing pipeline.
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QSM Pipeline

This docker and singularity image bundles the tgv-qsm algorithm ( with fsl ( and dcm2niix ( and all necessary dependencies. This image provides a complete QSM processing pipeline starting from converting dicom images to nii, creating the brain mask using bet, rescaling phase data, running tgv on this data and checking the outputs.

If you use this image, this is the reference describing the QSM algorithm: Langkammer, C; Bredies, K; Poser, BA; Barth, M; Reishofer, G; Fan, AP; Bilgic, B; Fazekas, F; Mainero; C; Ropele, S Fast Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping using 3D EPI and Total Generalized Variation. Neuroimage. 2015 May 1;111:622-30. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.02.041. PubMed

Using the image in singularity

singularity shell shub://CAIsr/qsm

this will download the image, unpack it and then start a shell in the image mounting the folder where you executed the command from:

Progress |===================================| 100.0%
Singularity: Invoking an interactive shell within container...

you can also bind a different directory to your image (e.g. bind /data from your host to /data in your singularity image)

singularity shell --bind /data:/data/ CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg

or you can just run a single application from the image:

singularity exec CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg bet2

Here is an example for a single echo QSM pipeline:

singularity exec CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg dcm2niix -o ./ -f magnitude GR_M_5_QSM_p2_1mmIso_TE20/

singularity exec CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg dcm2niix -o ./ -f phase GR_P_6_QSM_p2_1mmIso_TE20/

singularity exec CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg bet2 magnitude.nii magnitude_bet2

singularity exec CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg tgv_qsm \
  -p phase.nii \
  -m magnitude_bet2_mask.nii.gz \
  -f 2.89 \
  -t 0.02 \
  -s \
  -o qsm

And an example for a multiecho QSM pipeline:


echoTime=(`seq 0.0049 0.0049 0.0295`)

fslsplit ${subject}_gre6magni.nii ${subject}_gre6magni_split_
fslsplit ${subject}_gre6phase.nii ${subject}_gre6phase_split_

for echoNbr in {0..5}; do
 bet ${subject}_gre6magni_split_000${echoNbr}.nii ${subject}_gre6magni_split_000${echoNbr}_bet -R -f 0.6 -m
 fslcpgeom ${subject}_gre6magni_split_000${echoNbr}_bet_mask.nii ${subject}_gre6phase_split_000${echoNbr}.nii

for echoNbr in {0..5}; do
        singularity \
        exec \
        --bind $PWD:/data \
        CAIsr-qsm-v1.2.3-latest.simg \
        tgv_qsm \
        -p /data/${subject}_gre6phase_split_000${echoNbr}.nii \
        -m /data/${subject}_gre6magni_split_000${echoNbr}_bet_mask.nii \
        -f 2.89 \
        -e 0 \
        -t ${echoTime[5]} \
        -s \
        -o tgvqsm

Using the image in docker

sudo docker pull caid/qsm
sudo docker run -it -v $PWD:/data caid/qsm

cd data
dcm2niix -o ./ -f magnitude GR_M_5_QSM_p2_1mmIso_TE20/
dcm2niix -o ./ -f phase GR_P_6_QSM_p2_1mmIso_TE20/
bet2 magnitude.nii magnitude_bet2
tgv_qsm -p phase.nii -m magnitude_bet2_mask.nii.gz -f 2.89 -t 0.02 -s -o qsm
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