CCExtractor - Carlos' version (mainstream).
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CCExtractor is a tool that produces subtitles from TV use. Global accessibility (all users, all content, all countries) is the goal. With so many different formats, this is a constantly moving target, but we intend to keep up with all sources and formats.

Carlos' version (mainstream) is the most stable branch.

Installation and Usage

Downloads for precompiled binaries and source code can be found on our website.

Extracting subtitles is relatively simple. Just run the following command:

ccextractor <input>

This will extract the subtitles.

More usage information can be found on our website:



Install these packages in the terminal

sudo apt-get install -y gcc
sudo apt-get install -y libcurl4-gnutls-dev
sudo apt-get install -y tesseract-ocr
sudo apt-get install -y tesseract-ocr-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libleptonica-dev

Then run script linux/build or linux/builddebug.


Open the windows/ccextractor.sln file with Visual Studio (2015 at least), and build it. Configurations "(Debug|Release)-Full" includes dependent libraries which are used for OCR.


By far the best way to get support is by opening a support ticket at our issue tracker.

When creating a ticket:

  • Make sure you are using the latest CCExtractor version.
  • If it's a new issue (for example a video file that a previous CCExtractor version processed fine but now causes a crash), mention the last version you know was working.
  • If the issue is about a specific file, make that file available for us. Don't just send us the output from CCExtractor, as we can't do anything about a screenshot that shows a crash. We need the input that actually causes it. You can upload the file to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, and make it public so you get a download link to add to your ticket.
  • If you cannot make the file public for any (reasonable) reason you can send us a private invitation (both Dropbox and Google Drive allow that). In this case we will download the file and upload it to the private developer repository.
  • Do not upload your file to any location that will require us to sign up or endure a wait list, slow downloads, etc.
  • If your upload expires make sure you keep it active somehow (replace links if needed). Keep in mind that while we go over all tickets some may take a few days, and it's important we have the file available when we actually need it.
  • Make sure you set an alert in GitHub so you get notifications about your ticket. We may need to ask questions and we do everything inside GitHub's system.
  • Please use English.
  • It goes without saying, we like polite people.

You can also contact us by email or chat with the team in Slack.


You can contribute to the project by forking it, modifying the code, and making a pull request to the repository.

News & Other Information

News about releases and modifications to the code can be found in the CHANGES.TXT file.

For more information visit the CCExtractor website: