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Open Source Issues - CSOC Dev Week 4 Assignment

We have compiled a list of issues for you to start solving. But before heading on to the list, here are some guidelines to be followed.


  • In general, whenever you come across any interesting project you would like to work on, it is better to start by reading the and (if present) files of the repository.

    • gives you a basic idea about the project.
    • provides a short guide to how you can contribue to the project and lists guidelines you need to follow before making a PR.
  • Before starting with any issue, ask the mentor if the issue is still relevant to the project and if anyone is working on the same issue. You can start by simply writing that you are interested in solving the issue.

  • If the issue is not clear, then it is preferable to discuss the issue with the mentor before coming to any conclusion and starting the work.

  • If your pull request is merged for the issue, then the points for that issue will directly be alloted to you. Collect as many points as you can to win exciting goodies!

NOTE: Regarding this assignment,

  • We will be assigning issues on FCFS basis, and each issue will be assigned to one person generally (there may be exceptions though :P).
  • Moreover, in case of delay, the issue will be open for anyone who will be willing to work on the issue.
  • If a person makes a PR without being assigned to the issue the PR won't be accepted.
  • A person is allowed to make atmost 3 PRs in a project and at the same time the PRs must be for issues with distinct points.

List of Projects

COPS Website

Codefest Website



Ending Note

Every contribution no matter how big or small plays an important role in the development of the project. Your contribution counts and can be rewarding at times too. So, get started and keep contributing.

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