Reevio is a self-hosted blogging platform based on the Tent protocol that uses Tent's Essay post-types to share your content with the world
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Reevio - Bringing Blogging to Tent

Reevio is a self-hosted blogging platform based on the Tent protocol that uses Tent's Essay post-types to share your content with the world.


Reevio is a blog-front end that anybody can download and install on their server. Reevio allows you to blog via your Tent server; it displays the Essay posts from your Tent server (for example, ^ or ^ in a blog format so that anybody (permissions permitting) can read them with ease; it also has a single-Essay view so your readers can focus on just one post. Reevio also provides your readers an RSS feed for your Essay posts, as well as details from your profile and a stream of your latest status posts in the sidebar and on the profile page.


We would greatly appreciate any contributions you would like to make to the project. This includes opening an issue if you find a bug or have an idea for a feature, contributing to our wiki to help people that are new to Reevio get their bearings, and making pull requests if you would like to help us build and extend the software. If you like Reevio, feel free to spread the word about it and help both Reevio and Tent grow!


We'd like to know if you're using Reevio! If you have decided to use our software, make a pull request with your name, tent entity, and blog link added to the list below in the following format: * User's Name, Blog: []( "Short description of blog and/or yourself."). Below is the list of current users of Reevio.


1. Move into the folder you'd like to install Reevio in

cd your/reevio/path

2. Clone the git repo

git clone

3. Install Dependencies

If you already have Composer

composer install

If you need Composer

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

4. Rename app.ini.sample to app.ini

5. Fill in your information in app.ini

System Requirements

To install and run Reevio you need a server running PHP 5.3.2 or higher.

Change the style

If you want to change the style of Reevio, the easiest way to do that is to change the things in css/light.css because all the tags, classes and ids used in Reevio can be seen and edited there. There's only one thing you have to remember: By default, Reevio uses css/light.min.css to make the page load even faster, so all the changes you do to light.css won't be displayed anywhere. If you want to change your style, open views/Core/layout.twig and change the source from the stylesheet from css/light.min.css to css/light.css. If you want to use a minified stylesheet with your changes after that again, I recommend you to use Smaller on your Mac and change the source from the stylesheet on layout.twig back again.


If you have any questions, ideas or problems, contact Yannik on Tent.