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粵語計算語言學基礎建設組 (CanCLID)

Cantonese Computational Linguistics Infrastructure Development Workgroup

粵語計算語言學基礎設施建設組 Cantonese Computational Linguistics Infrastructure Development Workgroup

我哋團隊致力於粵語基礎設施建設事業,包括但唔限於粵拼輸入法開發同推廣、粵拼推廣、粵語語料庫建設、粵語 NLP 工具開發、粵語學習工具開發。


  1. 熟練掌握粵拼打字
  2. 習慣書寫粵文

如果你識技術,尤其係 NLP 同網站開發(前端定全桟都得),噉就更加好嘞。請發郵件到 或者加入 Telegram 羣組聯繫我哋。

Our team's mission is to improve the infrastructures for the Cantonese language. This includes Jyutping IME, Cantonese corpus, Cantonese NLP tools, Cantonese learning and education tools development and so forth.

We welcome anyone who is interested in promoting Cantonese to join us. We hope that our new members are capable of:

  1. Typing Cantonese in Jyutping
  2. Writing written Cantonese

Please email to or join the Telegram group to reach out to us.


  1. rime-cantonese 上游詞表倉庫

    Python 8 6

  2. Reference site for Jyutping | 粵拼參考網站

    HTML 42 15

  3. A browser extension that adds Cantonese pronunciation (Jyutping) on Chinese characters

    JavaScript 33 5

  4. ToJyutping Public

    粵語拼音自動標註工具 Cantonese Pronunciation Automatic Labeling Tool

    Python 33 4

  5. 粵語拼音輸入法下載網站 | Jyutping Input Method Website

    HTML 6 1

  6. 粵文語料分類器 Cantonese text data classifier

    Python 16 1


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