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A game in which you move a rabbit trying to reach grass without being eaten or fired at.


Get Lapin

From source:

You need the rust toolchain, which is best installed through

Clone this repository, then run

cargo install --path PATH

where PATH is the path to the directory.

From the Snap store

Pick it up at

From a precompiled executable

You may download them on


Lapin is assumed to

  • work on most terminals on linux and mac
  • not correctly work on Windows (it should probably be playable with the right terminal and fonts but I can't test myself)

Play the included campaign

Just start


then choose the level you want to play.


Use the arrow keys to try move your Lapin (rabbit) to a patch of green grass.

It's better to have one unix account per player as the game remembers what levels have been won.

Get help

Type ? at any time to get the help screen:


Your kids don't need to read it: they'll remember the rules if you explain them once.

Play another campaign or level

If you downloaded another file, you may do

lapin play that-other-file.mpack

Create a level

To create a level, do

lapin edit your_new_file.mpack

To edit it later, use the same command.

The level editor is basically a paint program where the ink can be made of foxes, water, etc. You may also click on the name to change it.


Note: Lapin understands JSON and MessagePack (mpack) formats. When you want to manually edit a file, the JSON format is more convenient. The MessagePack one is more compact.

Create a campaign


lapin campaign create my_campaign.json

to create a new empty campaign. It's a clear JSON file you'll manually edit to reference level files (just put their name, for example "sapin" when you have a "sapin.mpack" level file in the same directory).

Pack a campaign

You don't have to distribute your campaign as a bunch of files. You may pack it, which embeds both the index and the levels into one unique file. You do so by running

lapin campaign pack my_unpacked_campaign.json my_new_packed_campaign.mpack

(it would be possible but pointless to use JSON for the packed campaign too)

Discuss or contribute

If you or your kids like the game, if you made levels or want some, please come to Miaou and tell me.

If you want to discuss the code or improve it, you're welcome too!


A game I built under direction of my kids







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