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A chat server with OAuth2 authentication, persistent and searchable history, video and audio, markdown formatting, private and public rooms, stars, votes, embedded games, and many other features
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benchmark Benchmark and unit testing of naming functions
graphics Community add for StackOverflow & 'Help Us' page
libs Fixed the filtering of user rooms
plugins !!wiki command now uses the room's lang
sql changed room naming rules
src fixed: citations appear broken on blank lines
test fixed: citations appear broken on blank lines
themes /username page now skinified
vagrant Updates the help.jade for several reasons:
views Content displayed in desk notif if setting
.gitignore New /intro
Makefile fixed: /static/ isn't built Avatar saving
Vagrantfile Manually installs puppet dependencies. Benchmark and unit testing of naming functions
config-default.js described how to set up a local server update the documentation clean miaou stop (SIGINT based), and scripts video+audio chat working
main.js Configuration is now in a js module
package.json Configuration is now in a js module wzins on internal links to miaou messages All client side code and most server side code are now in strict mode… markdown formatter now in its own module update the documentation


A chat server with authentication, persistent and searchable history, markdown formatting, video, private rooms, stars and votes, and many other features.


You can see it in action or use it on

To discuss the code and feature of Miaou, please come to the dedicated room.


  • Public and Private rooms
  • Video Chat
  • Persisted
  • Searchable
  • graphical view of chat's history
  • Markdown formatting, with keyboard shortcuts
  • Message preview
  • Image boxing
  • Pings, optional desktop notification and loud pings
  • Cross-rooms pings, ping autocompletion
  • pluggable architecture
  • Votes
  • Pin and star
  • Message replying
  • Message edition
  • Permanent message links
  • In place links (no new window, no passive extracts)
  • Authorization levels and administration
  • OAuth2 authentication (Google, StackExchange, GitHub, Reddit)
  • Global unique user names to prevent impersonation
  • Initially reduced long messages
  • Mobile touch devices optimized interface
  • Plugins enabling the verification the chat user is linked to external profiles
  • A plugin enabling embedded real time multi-player games (today featuring the Tribo game)
  • private messaging
  • image upload (using imgur API)
  • client side bot API (see example as userscript)
  • server side bot API, pluggable commands framework


As described in the help, Miaou is mostly coded in JavaScript. Stuff includes node.js, PostgreSQL, OAuth2,, WebRTC, express, Bluebird, Redis, Jade, Passport.js, hu.js, jQuery, sass/scss, Uglify-js and nginx.

A vagrant configuration is available to help you set up a development environment quickly. See more information at its documentation.

If you have the ability and will to contribute, come and discuss with us. The best landing place is usually the Miaou room where you can ping @dystroy or @Florian. We'll show you where we manage ideas, reports, tasks and you'll see the list of tasks waiting for a volunteer.

And, last thing, always test before doing a pull request.


Most of Miaou follows the MIT License. Exceptions are specified here.

Copyright (c) 2014 Denys Séguret <>

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