An old-school Keenspace/ComicGenesis-style webcomic archive generator
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An old-school Keenspace/ComicGenesis-style webcomic archive generator

This is the haywire Perl script Nicholas Knight and I came up with years ago to more-or-less emulate what Keenspace (later ComicGenesis) did with its AutoKeen archiving and template script. I can't say whether or not this is how ComicGenesis STILL works, and I'm not sure if this is useful to anyone else, but it now finally has a Git repo.

The code here is most likely astonishingly ugly, made by two people who, at the time, were relatively inexperienced in software development patterns. We make no claims as to whether or not it'll work for you, nor if it's at all sane to set up.

Documentation may come later, if a complete from-scratch rewrite doesn't come first.

A functioning example of the result of this script can be found at The Dementia of Magic, my own little webcomic.