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Minesweeper implementation using Rust + Elm
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This is an implementation of the game Minesweeper using Elm for the UI & Rust for the Backend. It is totally overkill to have a Rust backend using Elm's ports to do I/O between the two but this is meant to be a simple project to test out I/O between Elm & Rust and also expirement with other ideas.


Horizontal & Vertical

Type aliases don't work for preventing you from using variables when you shouldn't so you can still add Horizontal & Vertical if they're defined as type aliases. So I needed to make Horizontal & Vertical actually different Types to prevent x-axis variables from being used for y-axis variables. It's probably a bit overkill though and I needed to derive clone + copy otherwise it's really annoying.

Whats also neat is that both common/ & engine/ have impls for Horizontal & Vertical so it's easy to hang utility methods off of the Types for scopes that need them.


It seems to be a neat way to have a UI that can easily be on different operating systems (as long as they have a browser basically). It worked really well but I'm definitely not a fan of using JSON-encoded &str for interop although it is real easy to decode the data on the Elm side but it'd still be just as easy to decode Value as opposed to String.



Well the Rust backend handles fine if you ignore serialization costs. It will take <1s for the Minesweeper game to create a 1000x1000 field but 12 seconds to serialize it so that it can call toFrontEnd with that data.


This is really just me being lazy. I don't feel like coming up with CSS and whatnot so that the tr/td's all line up despite having changing content. I'd probably use collage's in Elm in the future anyways so everything would be inside a <canvas /> so the sizes of each tile would be constant but its more work than tr/tds and Elm wasn't the focus of this.

Cannot borrow something mutably because already borrowed

initialize_internal_field's was_bomb_placed

Yeah it looks a bit weird how this variable is used because it'd really just make more logical sense to do the statements based on this variable where the variable was set but self.internal_field.get_mut & self.mutate_neighbors requires &mut self so I need them to not be used in the same scope.

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