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Linux x32/64 and ARM (raspberry) builds for the hass-configurator

Build Status


Example docker-compose.yaml

    image: "causticlab/hass-configurator-docker:latest"
    restart: always
      - "3218:3218/tcp"
      - hass-network
      # Config folder hass-configurator
      - "./data/configurator-config:/config"
      # Config folder of your home assistant configuration
      - "./data/config:/hass-config"
    # Example configuration: set configuration via environment variables
    #  HC_BASEPATH: "/hass-config/"
    #  HC_GIT: "True"


Be sure to map the config folder of your homeassistant instance to the configurator container and set the basepath in your configuration. The configuration needs to be mapped to /config and needs to be named settings.conf.

As with Verion 0.3.3 it is also possible to use environment vars to set configurations but you will still need your hass-config folder mapped into the container.

GIT Integration

In order to use the git integration with hass-configurator you have to use one of the following options.

  1. Mount the ssh files
      - "/path/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa:ro"
      - "/path/.ssh/"
      - "/path/.ssh/known_hosts:/root/.ssh/known_hosts:rw"
  1. Use the https version with an github token
https://<github username>:<some token><github username>/<some repo>.git

DockerHub Tag

As with version 0.4.1 we moved to multi-arch containers so the all new containers are either tagged with version or latest. As with version 0.3.3 the pattern of the docker image was changed to use semver, for backwards compatibility version 0.3.3 will have both versions up in the docker hub As with version 0.3.3 2018-12-23 there is also an ARCH only tag on docker hub marking an image as "latest" for the specific ARCH

Build locally

If you want to build these repository locally you can do so with the following:

docker build -f . --build-arg HC_BUILD_VERSION=<VERSION_OF_HASS_CONFIGURATOR> . -t <YOUR_IMAGE_NAME> --no-cache

Breaking it down


This is how we let the Dockerfile instructions know which version of hass-configurator we wish to install. At the time of writing this is 0.4.0, so you could use --build-arg HC_BUILD_VERSION=0.4.0