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My iteration of Austin Griffith's scaffold-eth. Also inspired by Nader Dabit's blog post

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Getting Started

It is recommended to use Yarn to avoid dependency collisions: Yarn

git clone
cd nextjs-ethereum-starter

yarn install

# Start up the Hardhat Network
yarn chain

Here we just install the npm project's dependencies, and by running yarn chain we spin up an instance of Hardhat Network that you can connect to using MetaMask. In a different terminal in the same directory, run:

yarn deploy

This will deploy the contract to Hardhat Network. After this completes run:

cd frontend
yarn install

This will install the frontend packages. We also need to set up the local configuration file.

cp .env.local.example .env.local

This will create a file called .env.local. Open up that file and fill in the NEXT_PUBLIC_ALCHEMY_API_KEY= and NEXT_PUBLIC_UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY= environment variables.

yarn dev

This will start up the Next.js development server. Your site will be available at http://localhost:3000/

To interact with the local contract, be sure to switch your MetaMask Network to Localhost 8545