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A way for developers to mute bots they aren't using. Ya' know, to avoid i n t e r f e r e n c e
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What is it?

I have multiple instances of my bots when testing, but with the same prefix they interfere. So I wrote this bot to toggle the current "in use" bot.

How does it work?

Bot requires +h (where available) or higher to modify roles.

On =setup, the bot will put the channel in (+m) and de-voice any bots found in the bots.yaml.

Type =switch [bottag] where bottag is whatever is defined in the config. The bot will voice that bot and, as a check, devoice all other bots in the bots file.

How do I use it?

Configure config.yaml, this decides the bot's nick, where it conencts, the usual.

Run =nsregister [email] [pass] to register. If needed, run =nsverify [code] found in the email.

Go ahead and give the bot auto-halfop or above, it'll need it.

Go to bots.yaml and follow this format:

botTag: nick
botTag2: nick2

Example with my bots:

stable: Chewbotcca
beta: Chewbotcca-BETA
alpha: Chewbotcca-ALPHA

Save, restart, and run =setup. Done!

When ready, =switch [bottag].

Enjoy testing your bots!

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