A user-friendly, map-based tool to combine and explore real-time or historical data.
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command. It should also work at `docs.opengrid.io/en/dev/`.
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OpenGrid an open-source, interactive map platform that allows users to explore multiple data sources in an easy-to-use interface. Developed to support situational awareness, incident monitoring and responses, historical data retrieval, and real-time advanced analytics. Users can perform advanced queries to filter data, search within custom boundaries, or based on the users location. Other GIS data, such as weather and Shapefiles can be overlaid on the map with other data. OpenGrid is natively compatible with desktops and mobile devices.

OpenGrid uses a service layer to retrieve data from an underlying data store.

Important Links

System Requirements

Web server for deployment and Open Grid Service Package.

Required Software

  • Java Script IDE
  • Node.js
  • Npm

Browser Requirements:

OpenGrid has been tested on IE 10+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on the desktop. It has also been tested on iOS using Safari and Android using the Chrome browser.


This repository contains the code which users interact with in the web browser. OpenGrid depends on a service layer, which then communicates with a data storage layer. Currently, OpenGrid is compatible with MongoDB or Plenario using their respective service layers.

Read the documentation for a description of the service layer and available test instances.


Download OpenGrid Code:

git clone https://github.com/Chicago/opengrid.git

After the initial OpenGrid Code has been downloaded install the dependencies Phantom JS and npm.

After the release package has been built deploy the files under the ./dist folder to your web server. For complete instructions on the entire process reference the build procedures document.

Submit a bug

We would like to hear about any bugs or odd behavior that you uncover. Use the issue tracker to open a new item. When describing the issue, we recommend that you discuss the following items:

  • Describe the bug
  • Describe the steps you did to discover the bug
  • What was the expected outcome of the above steps?
  • Please provide screenshots, if applicable

How to contribute code

If you would like to contribute to this project, please see the contributing guidelines for the guidelines.