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Colour a terminal screen red or green depending on ping result
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Colour a terminal screen red or green depending on ping result

A quick and dirty C / ncurses program to repeatedly ping an IP and colour the whole terminal background in red or green, depending on whether there was a ping reply.

Useful when you want a simple, big, easy to spot indicator for when an IP starts or stops pinging. Hypothetical example, when you are waiting for your broadband to start working again...


  • Small / lightweight
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Selectable delay between pings
  • Displays last ping attempt time
  • Displays "down since" time, if known
  • Possible to set a default IP in source file


  • C compiler
  • ncurses development library
  • /bin/ping which supports IPv6 addresses
  • A target remote IP to monitor
  • A terminal to run it on


cc -o linkstat linkstat.c -lncurses


If you set a default ping IP in the source before compiling it, you can start it with no arguments. The ping interval will be 5 seconds.


./linkstat [-6] [-n interval] <IPv4, IPv6 or hostname>

  • -n interval - in seconds
  • -6 - force IPv6 if using a hostname with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Note: if the remote host is down the actual interval will be interval + 2 seconds due to the 2s wait in the ping code.

An email saying "Hi, I found and use linkstat and I think it's the best thing ever!"* would be very much appreciated :)

* Or, you know, your own message...

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