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CesiumJS Starter Kit - A menu, event triggers, and drawing objects to get started with CesiumJS.
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CesiumJS Starter Kit

This is a "starter kit" in the sense of showing how to link the CesiumJS map to Bing maps, GeoServer local maps, as well as interact with the CesiumJS large API to do things on the map to make it more interactive. This is very bare bones basic and a start to get people to see the power of CesiumJS and what you can use on top of it to build GIS applications.

There is a blog post here that goes over setting up GeoServer locally (or somewhere you choose) and how to load maps in it. This repo is the 2nd step: using those maps to build an application using a simple menu structure as a starting point. That 2nd blog post is here.

FYI this is NOT production ready. It does not use JS classes or try/catch and good error trapping. It also needs to have input validation on the form for the drawing options to only allow alphanumeric. It is to help you get ideas out there, prototype, and get used to the CesiumJS API. And it is to help me have a starting point next time I am asked to do a GIS-based application. Which seems to be more and more!

What this CesiumJS Starter Kit has

This is an example GH repo to show how you can use CesiumJS as a base for a GIS web application. I have this written up in a blog where you can see how it works. This gives you the base map, links to a local GeoServer with a few layers to add in, and an overall menu with examples of buttons, event listeners, and drawing on the map.

  • Menu
  • Event Listeners for drawing circles and polygons
  • Snapshot / Download the map screen
  • Turn layers on/off
  • Show the location of the mouse toggle
  • Modal window to edit the shape name, description, and color

The CesiumJS JS and CSS are linked off their main site. The HTML/CSS/JS here is to supplement or add addition look-and-feel as well as functionality on top of CesiumJS.

Additional Information

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