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ATM90E32 Arduino Library

This library powers the CircuitSetup Split Single Phase Energy Meter and the 6 Channel Expandable Energy Meter.



#include <ATM90E32.h>
ATM90E32 energy_meter{};

void setup() {
   energy_meter.begin(CS_pin, lineFreq, PGAGain, VoltageGain, CurrentGainCT1, CurrentGainCT2, CurrentGainCT3);

Getting Basic Power Data

A loop to get basic power data:

void loop() {
    voltage1 = energy_meter.GetLineVoltageA();
    voltage2 = energy_meter.GetLineVoltageB();
    voltage3 = energy_meter.GetLineVoltageC();

    CT1 = energy_meter.GetLineCurrentA();
    CT2 = energy_meter.GetLineCurrentB();
    CT3 = energy_meter.GetLineCurrentC();
    watts1 = energy_meter.GetActivePowerA();
    watts2 = energy_meter.GetActivePowerB();
    watts3 = energy_meter.GetActivePowerC();
    totalWatts = energy_meter.GetTotalActivePower();

Getting Metering Values

The following are other functions for other metering data that the ATM90E32 calculates.

  • GetReactivePowerA()
  • GetReactivePowerB()
  • GetReactivePowerC()
  • GetTotalReactivePower()
  • GetApparentPowerA()
  • GetApparentPowerB()
  • GetApparentPowerC()
  • GetTotalApparentPower()
  • GetPowerFactorA()
  • GetPowerFactorB()
  • GetPowerFactorC()
  • GetTotalPowerFactor()
  • GetPhaseA() //phase angle
  • GetPhaseB()
  • GetPhaseC()
  • GetTotalActiveFundPower()
  • GetTotalActiveHarPower()
  • GetFrequency() //voltage frequency
  • GetTemperature() //chip temperature

Getting Energy Over Time

The following functions get data from the ATM90E32 that is converted to kWh. The registers are cleared once they are read.

  • GetImportEnergy() //forward active energy
  • GetImportReactiveEnergy()
  • GetImportApparentEnergy()
  • GetExportEnergy() //reverse active energy
  • GetExportReactiveEnergy()

System Status

These functions get the raw hex values from the system status registers

  • GetSysStatus0()
  • GetSysStatus1()
  • GetMeterStatus0()
  • GetMeterStatus1()

Getting Any Other Register Value

This function takes the name of any register (defined in ATM90E32.h) and outputs the value

  • GetValueRegister(registerRead)