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Creates a new event stream to be used with an AMQP client
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AMP for Endpoints Create Event Stream:

Script for creating an event stream using the /v1/event_streams endpoint documented here. This script will automatically determine which AMP clound to create the event stream on based on the credentials. It also queries the /event_types API endpoint to get a current list of ALL event_type IDs at time of creation. By default, event streams created by this script will collect all events for all groups in an organization.

Before using you must update the following:

  • client_id
  • api_key



Example script output:

Sucesfully authenticated to: North America
Enter a name for the event stream you would like to create: All Groups All Events
Stream Created Sucesfully!

Stream Name:... All Groups All Events
Stream ID:..... 1474

AMQP Credentials:
User Name:..... 1474-92a4d13197b6bbeb40f0
Password:...... 0c02fc2fa59c6460833ad7e1c55c864802e9fbda
Port:.......... 443
Queue Name:.... event_stream_1474


NOTE: If you are writing your own client make sure to set the 'passive' and 'durable' bits True
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