Kerro kantasi participatory democracy backend
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Kerro kantasi

Backend and open API for City of Helsinki participatory democracy UI

Required packages


Prepare virtualenv

 virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 ~/.virtualenvs/
 workon kerrokantasi

Install required packages

Install all required packages with pip command:

 pip install -r requirements.txt

Compile translation .mo files (if i18n is required)

 python i18n:compile

Updating requirements

Kerrokantasi uses two files for requirements. The workflow is as follows.

requirements.txt is not edited manually, but is generated with pip-compile.

requirements.txt always contains fully tested, pinned versions of the requirements. contains the primary, unpinned requirements of the project without their dependencies.

In production, deployments should always use requirements.txt and the versions pinned therein. In development, new virtualenvs and development environments should also be initialised using requirements.txt. pip-sync will synchronize the active virtualenv to match exactly the packages in requirements.txt.

In development and testing, to update to the latest versions of requirements, use the command pip-compile. You can use to monitor the pinned versions for updates.

To remove a dependency, remove it from, run pip-compile and then pip-sync. If everything works as expected, commit the changes.



To run all tests, execute command in project root directory.


Run test against particular issue.

py.test -k test_7 -v


Translations are maintained on Transifex.

  • To pull new translations from Transifex, run npm run i18n:pull
  • As a translation maintainer, run npm run i18n:extract && npm run i18n:push to push new source files.


  1. Import the dump of a Kuulemma database into your PostgreSQL instance (the default expected database name is kerrokantasi_old).
  2. Run migrator/ -p; if the PG database is kerrokantasi_old, no arguments should be necessary. (Otherwise, see --help.) This will generate three files:
    • kerrokantasi.xml -- an XML dump of the original PG database
    • kerrokantasi.geometries.json -- a temporary JSON file of the GIS geometries in the original PG database
    • kerrokantasi.json -- a reformatted amalgamation of the XML and geometry files to be ingested by the democracy_import_json management command.
  3. Copy the images directory from your Kuulemma filesystem's kuulemma/static directory to the kerrokantasi media directory (defaults to kerrokantasi/var/media).
  4. Run the democracy_import_json management command with the path of the JSON file created in step 3.
  5. Done.