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Category Traversal Module for Few-shot Learning

A PyTorch implementation of our paper "Finding Task-Relevant Features for Few-Shot Learning by Category Traversal", published at CVPR 2019, an ORAL presentation.

By Hongyang Li, David Eigen, Samuel Dodge, Matthew Zeiler, and Xiaogang Wang.

[arXiv Paper] [Poster]

[End-of-internship Presentation Slides] (40 mins)

[Short Slides] (5 mins at CVPR)

(a) describes the conventional metric-based methods and (b) depicts the proposed CTM where features are traversed across categories for acquiring better representations.

The following figure shows a detailed configuration of our proposed CTM module.


  • PyTorch 0.4 or above, tested in Linux/cluster/multi/single-gpu(s).
  • Datasets: tieredImagenet and miniImagenet
  • A metric-based few-shot learning algorithm
  • The proposed Category Traversal Module (CTM) serves as a plug-and-play unit to most existing methods, with ~2% improvement in accuracy.


There are some dependencies; be sure to install the newer version to be compatible with the latest pytorch. For example:

conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.0 -c pytorch
conda install -c anaconda pillow pyyaml opencv requests
conda install -c conda-forge visdom

Prepare the dataset (miniImageNet for example):

sh dataset/

How to run

python --yaml_file configs/demo/mini/20way_1shot.yaml


We conduct all the experiments on tieredImagenet and miniImagenet benchmarks; to download them, please refer to

Adapting CTM module to your own task

Please refer to forward_CTM method in the core/ file for details.

The current version contains some legacy variable names in early trial experiments; we would remove them later and make the repo cleaner.


Please cite in the following manner if you find it useful in your research:

  title = {{Finding Task-Relevant Features for Few-Shot Learning by Category Traversal}},
  author = {Hongyang Li and David Eigen and Samuel Dodge and Matthew Zeiler and Xiaogang Wang},
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