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Guide to adding new content to CDDA for first time modders: Getting Started

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Getting Started

Before you can create a mod or change, you need to set up a github account and make a copy of the CDDA code.

A brief introduction to git and github

If you don't know anything about git or github, you should read the brief introduction to git and github. If you know how git works, move on to the next section.

Setting yourself up with github

Here's a bunch of links that contain more information about how set yourself up to make a change to CDDA: is an illustrated tutorial on setting up a github account, forking and cloning the repo, and pushing changes through the Github Desktop and making a PR. Alternatively, if you are using the console git command, you can checkout the Guide to set up git locally. has the same information in th middle. You can 100% ignore all the stuff about compiling, but it's the same process to share JSON and code changes, so set up a github account.

Technically, you can just edit the files in your game's data/json folder, but if you do that while in a git repo, then git will automatically keep track of your changes.

This is mostly about the mod manager app, but it gives the basics of setting up a new mod:

There's a fair bit of documentation in the game already: Start with the modding guide: then the general JSON format guide:

Before you contribute, make sure you read the JSON style guide and the manual of style for descriptive text:

Now what?

Here's information on adding:

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