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Climate Modeling Alliance

An alliance of scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians, dedicated to pioneering a new, data-informed approach to climate modeling

Popular repositories

  1. 🌊 Julia software for fast, friendly, flexible, ocean-flavored fluid dynamics on CPUs and GPUs

    Julia 681 122

  2. Climate Machine: an Earth System Model that automatically learns from data

    Julia 417 75

  3. Land Public

    Everything within the Land model (Soil Plant Atmosphere Module, Land Hydrology, etc)

    Julia 64 13

  4. Stochastic Optimization, Learning, Uncertainty and Sampling

    Julia 36 7

  5. Implements Optimization and approximate uncertainty quantification algorithms, Ensemble Kalman Inversion, and Ensemble Kalman Processes.

    Julia 35 13

  6. A package containing a library of moist thermodynamic relations

    Julia 34 1