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These are projects that use the chip_avr_asm_lib and 'C' modules.

Name Description
I2C_Master_Code_Dev Demo board code used to develop I2C code.
I2C_Slave_Code_Dev/I2C_Logger Slave code Logger example.
I2C_Slave_Code_Dev/I2C_SlaveCore Slave Core code example with Arduino Master.
USI_I2C_Slave 'C' code AVR312_Slave code example with Arduino Master.
USI_I2C_Slave_NonIntr 'C' code I2C Slave code for ATtiny85 that doesn't use interrupts.
R2_Comm_Link Audio communications using Dual Tones and Goertiz tone detection.
SumoBot_Code_Dev Control of a Sumo Bot base using my LCD_CDM-16100 board.
SumoBot_Maze Control of a Sumo Bot base using Sumo Maze board.
SumoBotC Revised code written in C. Uses LCD_CDM-16100 for I2C display.
TankBot_Code_Dev DC PWM motor control, Sonar and IR sensors.
TankBotBare2Project The full AVR Studio 6 development for phase 2 I2C slave.
ImpactMonModelB Impact display project using ADXL345 3D accelerometer.
EM_8x8 An 8x8 Emote Module to give a robot character.
Example AVR Assembly Code General examples of uncommon commands.
Example AVR C Code General examples of hardware drivers in C code.
3pi_Pololu_C_Code_Dev General examples of 3pi drivers in C code.
LCD_ControlPanelSlaveInC Revised LCD I2C Slave in C code.
AnimatronicFaceBoard Animated Face development board in C code.
WinkyReduxProject Redo of Winky Lights with AVR ATtiny85 in C code.
AT85_I2C_Bootloader I2C Bootloader for ATtiny85 based on AVR911 and AVR112.
LED_Display_DevCode I2C 4x2 7-seg LED Display Slave.
LCD_16100_CP Revised LCD I2C Slave code.
StarNet Update of Winky Lights (20 LEDs on 5 lines) using AVR ATtiny85 in C code.
GlowEyesType1 Simple glowing LEDs for ATtiny85.
GlowEyesType2 Simple glowing LEDs for WS2812B.
USBSerialTester A simple ASCII serial Tx/Rx module for testing Unity 2017 Serial Communications.
RC Interface RC servo signal measuring I2C Slave for AI cars.
Range Helper Distance ranger with vibration feedback.
Handles Processing3 GUI Slider Class based on handles example code.
Motor Slave Four channel DC motor control with quad encoder and limit switch inputs.
NewAVR Example code for the ATmega4808/4809 next generation of AVR devices using both Atmel Studio 7 and MPLAB X IDEs.
AVRFlashDataTutorial Examples and discussion for accessing data in FLASH.


AVR assembly and C code for robotics and other projects.





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