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You know I :heart: you, @MacRuby, we've had a good run. But this ride has c…

…ome to an end, I declare this repo MRI 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 compatible.
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@@ -13,15 +13,9 @@ See [the wiki]( for more in depth in
Downloading and installing CocoaPods only takes a few minutes.
-CocoaPods runs on [MacRuby]( If you don't have a recent version of MacRuby installed you will need to download it. CocoaPods works best on version 0.10.
+CocoaPods runs on [Ruby]( To install it run the following commands:
- $ curl -O
- $ open
- # open MacRuby\ 0.10/MacRuby\ 0.10.pkg
-After that you can install CocoaPods itself.
- $ sudo macgem install cocoapods
+ $ sudo gem install cocoapods
$ pod setup
Now that you've got CocoaPods installed you can easily add it to your project.

4 comments on commit b99f768

hamin commented on b99f768 Feb 16, 2012

whyyyy???? :) Seriously though, was there a particular reason for this change?

CocoaPods member
alloy commented on b99f768 Feb 16, 2012

Yup, lowering the barrier :) For some people downloading and installing something is a real mental barrier.


Having to use MacRuby, especially when using regular Ruby for other things, was a really unnecessary barrier to entry. This makes it possible for people to use CocoaPods out of the box with Lion.

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