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inhibit_all_warnings adds incorrect flags for Dtrace (.d) files #1510

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Some projects contains not only .m an .h files, but .d files also
When in main Podfile we're setting inhibit_all_warnings! it will automatically add
flags << '-w -Xanalyzer -analyzer-disable-checker'
flags << '-fobjc-arc'
for all files that were specified in podspec.
This is ok for '.m, .mm' files but is definetely not ok for '.d' files.

So suggestion is to check for which files we're adding these flags, and skip ".d" files or add flags for .m, .mm, .c files only .

File were changes is need to be performed:

As far as I see for now flags are generated for all files those are related for consumer. But somehow there's a need to skip files with .d

EXAMPLE of the fix is here (Sorry, I'm not a rubyist or something)


Issue that relates to this CocoaPods behaviour.

@PaulTaykalo PaulTaykalo referenced this issue in ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa

dtrace command fails #866


Thanks for the feedback and example of the issue.


Closed via 740dfc7.

@kylef kylef closed this
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