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Steem ramdom comment picker
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Steem Random Comment Picker

SteemRandomPicker is a simple random comment picker which utilizes the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm to pick a random Steem comment. Its intended use could be in the selection of contest winner. User can filter based on follow, resteem, and reputation of participants.

How to Use

  • Enter steem post's URL in the textbox. URL from any steem interface would work as long as it is in author/permalink format.
  • Select appropriate filters for the contest. Follow and resteem is not required by default. If required select required to participate, if follow and resteem should count as another entry select count as +1 entry. If you want to filter based on reputation, enter your minimum required reputation score.
  • Click get a random winner button.
  • A randomly selected winner will appear below along with comment body and permalink to the comment.
  • If there is any problem with the steem or hivemind node, a user can change nodes using the Settings modal.


  • jQuery
  • dSteem
  • Hivemind RPC by @emrebeyler


Feel free to fork the repository and make changes. If you find any issues please create a GitHub issue or let me know in the comments below.

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