💥 💫 Extract or export video links from a YouTube Playlist.
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The best youtube playlist url scrapper and exporter!


$ npm install --global pufetch


⚡⚡ What you can do with it?

List all the url of the items present in the playlist which is publically available

Scrap the link along with the suitable titles

Export the content of the playlist into a json file

Works even with the shortened playlist url


Usage: puf <commands> [url]
       puf <commands> [url] <command>

   -f, --fetch             Fetch all video links from the playlist
   -e, --export            Export urls into json

   -f url --name           Show links along with the title
   -e url --name <name>    Set desired name of the exported playlist

   $ puf -f https://goo.gl/QcSugM --name
   $ puf -e https://goo.gl/QcSugM --name course

NOTE : Doesn't work with private playlists


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MIT © Rishi Giri