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Java 9 Feature Demo

Demonstrates the features that will be available in Java 9. The links below take you to the demo in this project, the JEP responsible for introducing the feature, and to other sources if available.

This article list a lot of the upcoming changes:

Putting everything here will take a while, so you have to be patient. If you can't, check out the JDK 9 page and look through the JEPs. You can read more from me on and follow me on Twitter (and even G+, I guess).


The scripts are written for Linux but should look similar on other operating systems. They do need three symlinks, though:

  • java9 links to java in the JDK 9 install
  • javac9 links to javac in the JDK 9 install
  • jar9 links to jar in the JDK 9 install

Java Platform Module System

The module system is too big to demo here. Check out the jigsaw and jpms tags on my blog or this demo project.

Language Changes