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We are rebuilding the Fort Collins Bike Coop website currently. Our objective is to make it mobile friendly and add in a form to enable users to submit Volunteer Applications and Report Stolen Bikes.

This repository exists as a central place to share resources and instructions. The actual code is split into several separate repos:

Easy Getting Started

  1. Sign up for Cloud 9. a. Create new workspace, of type Wordpress name: bike-coop-c9 description: wordpress bike-coop workspace
  2. Use or setup a local web development environment a. Pre-configured installers: XAMPP MAMP b. Custom setups: Windows OSX
  3. Open up a terminal.
  4. cd ~/workspace/wp-content/plugins/
  5. git clone https://github.com/CodeForFoco/bike-coop-plugin
  6. cd ~/workspace/wp-content/themes/
  7. git clone https://github.com/CodeForFoco/bike-coop-theme
  8. cd bike-coop-theme/
  9. npm install
    • npm command installs all pieces of theme and it takes a LONG time to complete. If it's interrupted, you will need to remove node_modules/ subdirectory in order to re-run it. When completed, the last line will look something like bower@1.6.9 node_modules/bower and you'll get a terminal prompt.
  10. Click Run Project, found in the menubar on the page.
    • Open the Wordpress site at the link given, and walk through the Wordpress setup.
      • in the Welcome form, Site Title, Username, Password, and Email are for the new site you are creating.
      • You'll need to login with newly created credentials to complete Wordpress setup
  11. Activate Bike Coop theme from Appearance -> Themes sidebar item. It might be called FoundationPress in the preview grid.
  12. Activate Bike Coop Site Plugin from Plugins sidebar item.
  13. View site. Congrats! You have the Wordpress site up.


We welcome new contributors. Not sure where to start? Check for any open issues or ping the team on our slack channel.

Code (Theme, Plugin, Etc.)

Ensure your code follows best practices and adheres to good style.

Be sure to read our in depth guide on contributing, which includes instructions on how to fork, clone, branch, commit, pull request and sync your fork.

TL;DR Contribution Workflow:

  1. Fork this repository and clone your fork.
  2. Make a patch branch.
  3. Make changes, commit, and push.
  4. Submit a pull request and your changes will be reviewed and merged.

WordPress Content

If you would like to contribute/migrate non-code website content, you can do so via our temporary development site. Server info including credentials are available as a pinned document on our #development Slack channel (see Jordan for access to Slack). All content creation inside of WP should be done through individual WP accounts; please only use the 'cffc' master account to create your own individual account with whatever privileges you need. This takes full advantage of the built-in WP content versioning and permissions and allows us to know who changed what outside of Git.

For those unfamiliar with adding a WordPress page, please read some basics.