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Coding WebIDE Frontend

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This repo contains frontend code of the Coding WebIDE Community Edition. Please refer to the WebIDE repo for instruction on running the whole project.

WebIDE is now upgraded to Cloud Studio,welcome to our new homepage


The repo is written in ES2015, to avoid complications once and for all, please make sure your environment have the right version of node. We use:

  • node v6.x
  • yarn

We strongly recommend yarn as your package manager, it will certainly save you from lots of npm induced headache ;-) If you don't have yarn installed yet, install it globally by running.

npm install yarn -g

To learn more about yarn, check out their official site.

By design a "WebIDE" is supposed to run on a server and accessed by web, thus a unix-like environment is strongly recommended. Support for Windows platform will come eventually, but presumably it'll always be lagging behind.


To start development on this repo, first set task.yaml: cp from task.yaml.tpl

Set .env


npm -g i pm2
yarn pm2

If you insist that you don't want yarn, well, you can still run:

npm install
npm -g i pm2
npm run pm2

If ever encountered any problem, double check to ensure your node version is at v6.x with node -v, and re-run yarn(npm install) to update dependencies before you report any issue.


By default the backend host that this frontend connects to is http://localhost:8080, this can be changed in app/config.js. webpack-dev-server by default serves on port 8060, which is specified in package.json scripts section.