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Cognigy GmbH

POWER UP Your Enterprise Contact Center to Exceed Customer Expectations and Improve Agent Satisfaction.

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  1. A graphical chat widget you can embed into your website to provide visitors access to a Conversational AI via Cognigy.AI.

    TypeScript 17 16

  2. TypeScript 15 30

  3. Official manifests for deploying COGNIGY.AI on top of a Kubernetes cluster.

    Shell 8 13

  4. The Cognigy Integration Framework provides an easy way to extend the capabilities of Cognigy.AI. This repository contains the source code of custom modules which you can add to your Cognigy.AI inst…

    TypeScript 7 13

  5. A collection of example plugins for the Cognigy Webchat as well as a developer guide to write your own plugins.

    JavaScript 7 12

  6. Contains various examples for endpoint transformers.

    TypeScript 6 2


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