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Cognitive3D SDK for JS - Analytics for VR/AR/MR
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The Cognitive3D SDK for Javascript

Welcome! This SDK allows you to integrate your Javascript Applications with Cognitive3D, which provides analytics and insights about your VR/AR/MR project. In addition, Cognitive3D empowers you to take actions that will improve users' engagement with your experience.

Build Status


Cognitive3D Documentation

The documentation explains how to integrate the SDK, track your users' experience and how to export your scene to view on SceneExplorer.

Go to the Docs


Jest is being used to test the sdk to run the test run the following command yarn test that will assume source code is being transpiled into lib folder


To cover wider range of support of broswer source code that is written in ES6 need to be transpiled. the following command need to be run so it will use bable to accomplish the task

npm run build

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