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iOS sandboxed terminal with Python, Lua and Clang
Swift Objective-C HTML C CSS Shell
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LibTerm is a terminal for iOS with Python 3.7 and Lua 5.3. Supports iOS 13 dark mode and multi window.

Download on the App Store


The app supports most of OpenTerm features, but LibTerm has Python 3.7 instead of Cub. It supports opening directories outside the sandbox with UIDocumentPickerViewController, multi tabbing and suggestions. Errors are shown in red!

Programming languages

LibTerm contains Python 2.7, Python 3.7, Lua and you can even code C. Compile your C sources with clang into LLVM IR code and interpret the LLVM IR code with the lli command.


LibTerm contains a package command. With package, you can download and install third party commands. You can publish your own commands by submitting a Pull Request to


  1. $ ./
  2. Build LibTerm or LibTermCore target from LibTerm.xcodeproj


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