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MoleNet: A Wireless Underground Sensor Network Platform

MoleNet Logo

Wireless Underground Sensor Network platform (PCB, Arduino-Source and example server)

This is an active project and the files in this directory (and the structure of the project itself) are subject to change!


The following Arduino libraries are required:

MoleNet (rev. 1.0)

The WUSN node

Settings for the Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE:

  • Tools -> Board: "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini"
  • Tools -> Processor: "ATmega328 (3.3V, 8MHz)"
  • Tools -> Port: (USB port to which the programmer is attached)


  • reading from MoleNet node: 1200 Baud (don't change!!!)
  • reading from MoleNet simple Gateway: 115200 Baud
  • setting the RTC: 9600 Baud (could also be changed)

Data Format (simple Gateway)

The app just listens for packets and print the payload with correct formatting The data format is as follows:



#[2][2] D16/3/30 t15:36 W0468 T0594 68 1    [RX_RSSI:-28] - ACK sent.

Set the RTC time (Set_RTC)

The program prints current time of RTC to serial port every second. The time can be changed by sending the new value using the serial line and terminate it with a carriage return. Possible commands are:

  • y : change the year, enter full year (e.g., 2016)
  • M : change the month
  • d : change the day
  • h : change the hour
  • m : change the minute
  • s : change the second
  • w : change the weekday (0: Monday, 1: Tuesday...)

Manually trigger a measurement

Pull pin Int1 at the RTC to ground. One tip is enough