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- [Dashboard] (Modules) Show Wake on LAN tile
- [Drawer] Ability to customize the order of modules
- [External Modules] Ability to add and view external modules
- [Performance] Build LunaSea with precompiled SkSL shaders

- [Dashboard] (Calendar) Add divider between calendar and calendar entries
- [Dashboard] (Modules) Synchronize module ordering with drawer ordering
- [Drawer] Default to sorting modules alphabetically
- [Settings] (Configuration) Alphabetically sort the modules

- [Flutter] Update packages
- [Flutter] Upgrade to Firebase SDK v7.11.0
- [Locale] Ensure that the date formatter uses the currently set locale
- [Radarr] (Manual Import) Could not select movie when using Radarr v3.1.0+
- [Search] Indexers would not load in some cases when the headers map was null/empty
- [Settings] (Connection Test) Connection tests could fail unexpectedly
- [Settings] (Dialogs) Ensure all bulleted lists in dialogs are left aligned
- [Sonarr] (Edit) Grey screen could be shown when a user has no tags
- [Sonarr] (Edit) Grey screen could be shown when a user has no language profiles
- [Tautulli] (Graphs) Line chart tooltips had incorrect data
- [UI/UX] Popup menus were not aligned correctly
- [UI/UX] (Buttons) Border would incorrectly be applied to buttons with a background colour set
- [UI/UX] (ListView) Vertical padding did not match horizontal padding

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LunaSea  LunaSea

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LunaSea is a fully featured, open source self-hosted controller! Focused on giving you a seamless experience between all of your self-hosted media software, LunaSea supports:

LunaSea even comes with support for multiple instances of applications using profiles, backing up and restoring your configuration to your filesystem, an AMOLED black theme, and more!

Please note that LunaSea is purely a remote control application, it does not offer any functionality without software installed on a server/computer.

Getting Started


Discord Reddit Hellonext

Please only post bugs and issues to GitHub. Use the feedback & feature requests board for requests and general feedback.

Tools & Services

Translation status

Thank you to all tools and services for offering free subscriptions for open-source projects!

  • Gitbook: Gitbook is used to host LunaSea's documentation
  • Hellonext: Hellonext is used to host LunaSea's feedback board and roadmap
  • Instatus: Instatus is used to host LunaSea's status page
  • Weblate: Weblate is used to gather community localization for LunaSea


All Contributors

Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to LunaSea, from development to localization efforts!

Jagandeep Brar

💻 🎨 🤔

Mário Franco

💻 🌍

Patrik Hauguth


Allan Nordhøy