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996 Grid | Responsive Design Framework

A fixed-width grid framework made up of 12 even columns, which adapts the content automatically to display nicely on various screen sizes from desktop to mobile. At the largest size, the content is allowed a 970px-wide area which can be divided nicely into equal columns of two, three, four, or six.

See for more information.

What's Included

  • index.html | Sample markup with the recommended head tags and scripts.
  • grid.css | The core of the grid system. Includes comments to explain each section.
  • normalize.css | CSS normalizations and common bug fixes.
  • base.css | HTML5 Boilerplate for consistent design across browsers.
  • style.css | Stylesheet for user styles. Includes a variety of useful media queries.
  • modernizr.js | Bring older browsers up to speed.
  •, 996_grid.psd | PSD and AI templates included to aid in design.
  • 996_sketch.pdf | PDF containing grid layout to use as sketch paper.


Developed by Josh Cope / @computerwolf. Licensed under GPL & MIT.