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A set of utilities for exploring Solidity contracts
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Sūrya, The Sun God: A Solidity Inspector

Surya is an utility tool for smart contract systems. It provides a number of visual outputs and information about the contracts' structure. Also supports querying the function call graph in multiple ways to aid in the manual inspection of contracts.

Currently only supports Solidity but we hope to extend the tool to encompass other languages.

The name stems from the sun deity Surya

Why the sun, you ask? Because "sun" in latin and portuguese is Sol.

Getting Started

Install it via npm:

npm install -g surya

Command List


The describe command shows a summary of the contracts and methods in the files provided.

surya describe *.sol

Functions will be listed as:

  • [Pub] public
  • [Ext] external
  • [Prv] private
  • [Int] internal

A yellow ($)denotes a function is payable.

A red # indicates that it's able to modify state.


The inheritance command outputs a DOT-formatted graph of the inheritance tree.

surya inheritance MyContract.sol | dot -Tpng > MyContract.png


The graph command outputs a DOT-formatted graph of the control flow.

surya graph contracts/**/*.sol | dot -Tpng > MyContract.png


The parse command outputs a "treefied" AST object coming from the parser.

surya parse MyContract.sol


The ftrace command outputs a "treefied" function call trace stemming from the defined "CONTRACT::FUNCTION" and traversing "all|internal|external" types of calls. External calls are marked in orange and internal calls are uncolored.

surya ftrace APMRegistry::_newRepo all MyContract.sol


The dependencies command outputs the c3-linearization of a given contract's inheritance graph. Contracts will be listed starting with most-derived, ie. if the same function is defined in more than one contract, the solidity compiler will use the definition in whichever contract is listed first.

surya dependencies Exchange Exchange.sol


The mdreport command creates a markdown description report with tables comprising information about the system's files, contracts and their functions.

surya mdreport MyContract.sol




Created by @federicobond extended by @GNSPS

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