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Solidity language support and visual security auditor for Visual Studio Code
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[ 🌐 📩 🔥 ]

Solidity Visual Auditor

  • Solidity Language Support
  • Solidity Source Exploration and Visual Security Auditing

This extension contributes security centric syntax and semantic highlighting, a detailed class outline and advanced Solidity code insights to Visual Studio Code (Marketplace).

This extension is compatible with vscode-solidity.

We ❤ feedback! Bug or Feature → file an issue

Marketplace: ext tintinweb.solidity-visual-auditor





Semantic highlighting and solidity insights for passive security awareness. Most features are configurable (preferences -> Settings -> Solidity Visual Auditor)

Themes (preferences -> Color Theme):

dark_small light_small solarized_small

  • Visual Auditor Dark - based on the "Atom One" theme
  • Visual Auditor Light (Visual Studio) - based on the standard "light (VSCode)" theme
  • Visual Auditor Solarized Light - based on the standard "Solarized Light" theme
Syntax Highlighting
  • access modifiers (external, public, payable, ...)
  • security relevant built-ins, globals, methods and user/miner-tainted information (,tx.origin,, block.*, now)
  • storage access modifiers (memory, storage)
  • developer notes in comments (TODO,FIXME,HACK, ...)
  • custom function modifiers
  • contract creation / event invocations
  • easily differentiate between arithmetics vs. logical operations
  • make Constructor and Fallback function more prominent

Code fragments are highlighted to draw your attention to Secure code (#c5f015) and Insecure code (#f03c15).

Semantic Highlighting
  • highlights StateVars (constant, inherited)
  • detects and alerts about StateVar shadowing
  • highlights function arguments in the function body
Audit Features
  • audit annotations/bookmarks - @audit - <msg> @audit-ok - <msg> (see below)
  • generic interface for importing external scanner results - cdili json format (see below)
  • codelens inline action: graph, report, dependencies, inheritance, parse, ftrace, flatten, generate unittest stub, function signature hashes, uml
Code Insights
  • populates VS Code outline view with sourceUnit and contract layout
    • contracts, stateVars, methods, inherited names
    • annotates security relevant information (visibility, ...)
    • calculates complexity rating
    • annotations functions with information about whether they are accessing stateVars
  • 💒🤵👰 vscode-solidity-auditorSūrya
    • access your favorite Sūrya features from within vscode!
    • interactive call graphs with call flow highlighting and more!#
  • 📈🎉 generate UML diagrams
  • command: suggest top level contracts / find most derived contracts
  • command: flatten most derived contracts
  • command: calculate function signature hashes
  • command: open Remix-IDE in external browser window
  • onHover ASM instruction signatures
  • onHover Security Notes for certain keywords
  • onHover StateVar declaration information, including the line of declaration


Method 1: Install by going to Visual Studio Market Place and click Install.

Method 2: Bring up the Extension view in VS Code and search for Solidity Visual Auditor and click Install

Method 3 (Manual):

  1. Download the latest compiled extension as *.vsix
  2. Fire up Terminal and install the extension by running code --install-extension "solidity-visual-auditor-0.0.x.vsix"
  3. vscode --> preferences --> color scheme --> Solidity Visual Auditor Dark


Scroll down and take the tour.


  • semantic highlighting for state variables (constant=green, statevar=golden, inherited=blue)
  • semantic highlighting for function arguments
  • outline view with security annotations and inherited names
  • tooltips (asm instruction signatures, security notes)
  • @audit tags
  • graph's and uml
  • generic interface to import issues from external scanners

semantic function argument highlighting

  • arguments are assigned different colors in the scope of the function



@audit bookmarks

  • @audit - <msg> ... flag lines for security review or start a security review discussion
  • @audit-ok - <msg> ... flag that a line was checked for security or a security discussion on that line turned out to be a non-issue


code annotations / hover / tooltip

  • additional information for various keywords (including security notes)


  • asm instruction signatures


stateVar tracing

  • highlight contract local stateVars (golden box)


  • alert on a shadowed variable (red box)


  • highlight const stateVar (green box)


  • highlight inherited stateVar (blue box Approval)



  • surya - interactive graph


  • surya - generate report, show inheritance, show AST



  • surya - ftrace


  • UML - auto-generate UML for source-units or specific contracts


  • Function Signature Hashes


outline view

  • library with function parameters T and declarations


  • class and events, functions annotated (stateMutability, visibility)


  • class and events, functions annotated (stateMutability, visibility)


  • inheritance browser - resolves inheritance, only shows inherited names


  • extra information (subjective function complexity; accesses stateVar?)



  • suggest top level contracts aka "entrypoint contracts" (most derived)
  • flatten current (codelens) or all suggested top level contracts (command) vscode-auditor-flaterra
  • list all function signatures (human readable or json format)
  • open remix in external browser

Theme: Solidity Visual Auditor Light (VSCode)


Theme: Solidity Visual Auditor Dark

Simple DAO screenshot 2019-02-09 at 12 30 30

Vulnerable Contract


Theme: Solidity Visual Auditor Solarized Light

Simple DAO

screenshot 2019-02-11 at 21 52 11

Extension Settings

  • .. Enable/Disable all active components of this extension (emergency master-switch).
  • Solidity-va.parser.parseImports ... Whether to recursively parse imports or not
  • Solidity-va.hover ... Enable or Disable generic onHover information (asm instruction signatures, security notes)
  • Solidity-va.deco.statevars ... decorate statevars in code view (golden, green, blue boxes)
  • Solidity-va.deco.arguments ... whether to enable/disable semantic highlighting for function arguments
  • Solidity-va.outline.enable ... enable/disable outline and symbolprovider
  • Solidity-va.outline.decorations ... decorate functions according to state mutability function visibility
  • ... add inherited functions to outline view
  • Solidity-va.outline.extras ... annotate functions with extra information (complexity, statevar access)
  • Solidity-va.outline.var.storage_annotations ... Whether to show/hide storage annotations for variables in the outline view
  • ... Whether to show/hide pragmas in the outline view
  • ... Whether to show/hide imports in the outline view
  • Solidity-va.diagnostics.import.cdili-json ... Automatically import diagnostic issues from external scanners using the cdili-issue.json format:
        "onInputFile": "contracts/BountiesMetaTxRelayer.sol", 
        "atLineNr": "10", 
        "ruleType": "code_smell", 
        "severity": "major", 
        "linterVersion": "0.1", 
        "linterName": "maru", 
        "message": "State Variable  Default Visibility - It is best practice to set the visibility of state variables explicitly. The default           visibility for \"bountiesContract\" is internal. Other possible visibility values are public and private.",         
        "forRule": "State_Variable_Default_Visibility"
  • Solidity-va.audit.tags.enable ... enable/disable audit tags
  • Solidity-va.codelens.enable ... enable/disable codelens support (inline code actions)
  • ... open dot output in graphviz rendered form
  • solidity-va.preview.markdown ... open markdown output in rendered form
  • ... Define whether surya should take cached files or all contracts in the workspace as input

Known Issues

  • changing settings may require a vscode reload.
  • outline view does not always refresh. TempFix: modify and save the file to trigger a refresh.
  • codelenses do not appear. TempFix: modify and save the file to trigger a refresh.
  • github issues


Release Notes


  • new: UML diagrams just arrived 🎉! auto-generate uml for source-units or contracts.


  • new: codelense next to functions to generate sighash.
  • fix: function signature hashes are now generated for all functions (even internal ones, just ignore them for now :)). Canonicalization of types before calculating hashes #27.
  • new: alert on function sighash collision within the same contract.


  • new: AST parser now keeps track of usingFor's


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