A Mozilla Firefox add-on to make online reading comfortable.
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Firefox add-on for comfortable reading

An add-on to make online reading easy.

If you're like me, you too would be spending a LOT of your time glued to your computer screen. And I'm pretty sure you can feel those glaring webpage themes burn your eyes every time to look at them. Fret no more, Owl is here to rescue. This add-on "turns the lights off" i.e. it transforms the appearance of the webpage into a darker theme (Darkula like theme), thus making the webpage easy on the eyes.


A regular wikipedia page:

Elon Musk Wikipedia

Same page with Owl enabled:

Elon Musk Wikipedia-Owl

StackOverflow page with code snippet:


Code snippet with syntax highlighting in Owl:


Owl Panel to control the add-on's behaviour:

Owl Panel


To install this add-on in Firefox (version 38.0 and above), just follow this link and install.

Happy Reading!


Current version (v2.2.4) has the most of the functionality I intended to have for this add-on. The development for the next version v3 has begun in branch v3 in case you wish to help with the port. A tracker for v3 progress is here To contribute, you can: