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A CLI tool to create React + Node apps with just one command
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CReate A Node Application

🔋 A CLI tool to create React + Node apps with just one command (batteries included)



As soon as you bootstrap a new project, you will have an application running with:

  • Node.js backend
  • React.js frontend

Under the hood it uses Webpack, Babel, ESLint and StyleLint with a few other plugins enabling a powerful development workflow, such as server live reload with nodemon and more. All preconfigured out of the box, so that you can focus on the important stuff!

Quick Start

💡 To get up and running with your first Crana app, fist install Crana globally:

npm i -g crana

Initialize your app

crana init <projectName> [projectFolder]

...and you are ready to go!

💻 Now start developing!

crana dev

This will fire up the frontend and the backend concurrently in development mode.. Just edit files under src and see what happens!


Basic Commands

Command Description
crana -V Outputs crana's version
crana -h Show available commands

Main Commands

Command Description
⭐️ crana init [projectFolderName] Create a new crana project
💫 crana dev Concurrently starts the frontend and the backend in development mode
📡 crana dev:client Starts the webpack development server for the frontend
📊 crana dev:server Starts the node.js backend in development mode with live-reload
🚙 crana build:client Creates a production build for the frontend application

Util Commands

Command Description
🔍 crana lint:client Executes eslint and styleling in autofix mode for your client files (src/client + src/shared)
🔍 crana lint:server Executes eslint in autofix mode for your server files (src/server + src/shared)
📚 crana count-lines See how many LOC you've already written

Project structure

The interesting files for you are all located in the src folder. The src folder has three subfolders:

  • client
  • server
  • shared

As you can imagine, the client folder contains all files for React and the server folder contains all files for Node.js backend. The shared folder contains code you would like to share between client and server. This is a good place for e.g. utility functions, domain logic etc.

NOTE:Be aware that the server files are not transpiled and thus don't support certain features like ES6 imports. This also the reason why all code in the shared folder must be executable with your current node.js version.

Known issues

Windows Linux Subsystem

If you're using Windows Linux Subsystem, eslint will not immediatly work. You need to edit the path under .vscode/settings.json. Replace C:/mnt/c with C: and it should work.


⚠️ Crana is in early stage of development and may not meet all your requirements. That's why contributions of any kind are highly appreciated, as the best tools are built by communities!

Pull requests are always welcome. Please have a look at and open an issue before submitting a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

Code of conduct

Have a look at

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