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The talkiepi project is for a truly headless mumble client for the Raspberry Pi, utilizing static config and GPIO for status LEDs and a button for push to talk
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talkiepi is a headless capable Mumble client written in Go, written for walkie talkie style communication on the Raspberry Pi.

This project is a fork of Daniel Chote's original talkiepi project. It is different because it uses only off-the-shelf components and requires no soldering.


The hardware is based around a Raspberry Pi Zero and SeeedStudio ReSpeaker 2-mic Pi HAT. A full bill of materials with links to suppliers will be added shortly.

3D printable enclosure

The case was designed by Paul Van Gaans - The geometry files are available in the stl directory.

3D wall mount adapter

A wall mount adapter was designed by @schneekluth. Instructions and files can be found here.

Installing talkiepi

I have put together an install guide here.


MPL 2.0


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