DMPTool steering committee

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Steering committee members are from the original group of founding partners for the DMPTool; committee maintains monthly calls.


Address ongoing communications; getting and allocating resources as needed; oversight of plan/strategy; dealing with external partnerships and opportunities; branding issues.


Amber Budden, DataONE
Brian Riley, California Digital Library (DMPTool Technical Lead)
Elise Dunham, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jessica Warner, Smithsonian Institution
John Chodacki, California Digital Library (UC3 Director)
Marisa Strong, California Digital Library (UC3 Technical Manager)
Michael Witt, Purdue University
Perry Willett, California Digital Library (Digital Preservation Service Manager)
Reid Otsuji, University of California San Diego
Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre (DMPonline Service Manager)
Sherry Lake, University of Virginia
Stephanie Simms, California Digital Library (DMPTool Service Manager)
Stephen Abrams, California Digital Library (UC3 Associate Director)
Tony Aponte, University of California Los Angeles