Development roadmap

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List of new features included in MVP

Backlog of post MVP work

development resources will be focused here for the coming months

Future enhancements

  • Implement Substance editor (to replace TinyMCE, refactor commenting)
  • A lifecycle to indicate the status of plans
  • Guidance selection optimization: workflow for selecting and saving guidance on project details page ideas for improvement include:
    • autosaving info on this page
    • redesigning page layout so there is only one "Submit" button
    • moving Guidance selection to next tab for Plan Overview (user feedback suggests many don't notice the Guidance selection at all on this tab) - this would help create a smooth flow through plan creation tabs
  • Enable Super Admins to edit static pages (DMPTool uses markdown files, but these have become unwieldy with addition of translatable markup)
  • Enhance the usage graphs to add other views e.g. plans by template
  • Provide 'plans' views for funders based on plans created using their templates (by all users irrespective of org) rather than just those affiliated with them

We're developing machine-actionable DMP use cases!

  • Visit to learn more and get involved
  • Read and comment on our white paper in RIO Journal: Simms S, Jones S, Mietchen D, Miksa T (2017) Machine-actionable data management plans (maDMPs). Research Ideas and Outcomes 3: e13086.
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