Development roadmap

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Roadmap to MVP

  • Migration to Rails v.4.2
  • Bring DMP Assistant’s internationalization upstream for multi-lingual support
  • OAuth link for ORCID
  • APIs to create plans, extract guidance, and generate usage statistics
  • More robust institutional branding
  • Admin controls for assigning admin rights to others
  • Add the concept of locales so specific organizations, funders, and templates can be defined and filtered out for certain users/contexts
  • Shibboleth support through eduGain
  • Export template with guidance
  • Flag "test" plans
  • Public sharing option > Public DMPs library
  • A lifecycle to indicate the status of plans and allow institutional access to plans
  • Email notification system
  • Copy template option for creating new templates
  • Copy plan option for creating new plans
  • Toggle switch for navigating between Plan area and Admin area
  • Support for reviewing plans

Future enhancements

We're developing machine-actionable DMP use cases!


We're working with our codev process and UX team to provide an estimate soon...
Tentatively slated to demo the new system at IDCC 2017


Check back post-MVP for regular release notes