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MARC2RDF is based on the DOREMUS model that allows a detailed description of a musical work and the events associated with it (creation, execution, etc.). It takes as input INTERMARC-XML and UNIMARC-XML files and generates as output RDF triples. A display in MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) format is an option of our prototype to view an INTERMARC-XML or an UNIMARC-XML file in MARC format.

The MARCXML format, developed by the Library of Congress in 2001, consists to structure data to MARC in an XML environment. It was founded initially on the MARC21 format, and then it was extended by applying ISO 25577 (MarcXchange), other variants of the MARC (whose INTERMARCXML format used by BNF).

RDF conversion

The figure, below, illustrates an example an INTERMARC-XML file:


Its display in INTERMARC format:


And its conversion in RDF triples:

RDF triples

MARC2RDF description:

This tool consists of 4 components:

  1. BNFConverter: converts INTERMARC-XML records from BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) in RDF triples.
  2. PPConverter: converts INTERMARC-XML and UNIMARC-XML records from Philharmonie de Paris in RDF triples.
  3. MarcParser: a parser of INTERMARC-XML and UNIMARC-XML records from BNF and Philarmonie.

The class Converter is the "main" class to start converting MARCXML records in RDF triples.

How to run:

  1. Setup the file as you need.
  2. Run gradle run in the project folder.
  3. Display of RDF triples (TBD):
    1. Go to Virtuoso (http: // localhost: 8890)
    2. Click on "Conductor"
    3. Login (“dba”, “dba”)
    4. Click on "Linked Data"
    5. Click on "Graphs"
    6. Click on "DOREMUS" ------> Display of all RDF triples generated from “XMLFile.xml”


The application logs by default in a log.txt file in the root of the project. If required, change the file src/main/resources/, according to this documentation.


gradle run                  ## start conversion of files
gradle run -Pmarc           ## start conversion of files, with marc as output
gradle schemagen            ## align ontology package to ontologies in `doremus-ontology` github project

RDF Store:

Virtuoso 7.2.1 (


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