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Download the DTOcean installation wizard, get help and report issues here.
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DTOcean is the only open source fully parametric design tool for arrays of ocean energy converters.

This repository contains DTOcean installation wizards and can also be used for submitting and tracking issues.

  • For 64 and 32-bit Windows only.


See for the latest documentation.


DTOcean version 2.0.0 was developed and published by Mathew Topper at Data Only Greater.

See for links to DTOcean video tutorials and for information regarding services available to support your use and development of DTOcean.

Also, please check out the EU DTOceanPlus project, which aims to further improve and expand the scope of the DTOcean tools.


Wizard Based Installer

The DTOcean installation wizard (for 64 or 32-bit) can be downloaded from the Releases page.

Example Files

The getting_started_example_files-*.zip zip folder can be downloaded from the Releases page. See the "Getting Started 1: Example Project" chapter of the docs to see how it is used.


See the dtocean-database repository for download and installation instructions.

Note: DTOcean version 2.0.0 requires version 2.0.0 of the DTOcean database.


Installers for the "in-app" manual (accessed from the "Help" menu) can be downloaded from the repository.


Links to video tutorials for installing DTOcean can be found at


To uninstall, either select the "Uninstall DTOcean" icon from the "DTOcean (XX-bit)" start menu folder, or choose "DTOcean version 2.0.0+0" from "Programs and Features" in the control panel or "Apps & Features" in "Settings" (Windows 10).


Search for existing issues or create a new issue HERE.

Before submitting a new issue, please see if your problem is covered in our Any Asked Questions wiki page.

For general questions or advice, please contact the DTOcean Mailing List.

You may also wish to follow the Design tools for Ocean Energy Systems group on LinkedIn.

Licence and Attributions


Other licenses may apply to individual components. Please see the source code for full licensing information.

While not required by the terms of the license, if you would like to acknowledge the use of DTOcean in a publication, please cite:

Topper, M. B. R., Nava, V., Collin, A. J., Bould, D., Ferri, F., Olson, S. S., … Jeffrey, H. F. (2018). Reducing Variability in the Cost of Ocean Energy Arrays. Preprint. Retrieved from

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