Modified version of zurb's orbit which shows you current slide and edges of sibling slides, to make it look like a scroll. See the Readme for the demo.
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Modified version of Orbit.

Notable changes

  • horizontal push transition optimized for viewing surrounding two slides
  • see demo
  • tabs/spaces are now consistent, which makes comparison between this and parent project a tad difficult
  • may contain regressions b/c this was developed on the version downloaded from the site, which may have been different from the version in the zurb github repo

You may be able to see a modified version of this at

Orbit: Lightweight jQuery Slider

Orbit is a jQuery slider developed by ZURB. The plugin is lightweight(4KB), easy to implement and has a good set of features. Learn more about the plugin on the playground page here:

Download & Documentation

All of the docs and the download link are on the playground page too:


Have an issue - please post it here:


Visit the blog post for Orbit and make your comment :)

Feature Request List

Below are the features that have been requested or that we have seen an opportunity for and are going to try to tackle in future iterations of the plugin (in no particular order):

  • Custom data attribute implementation (similar to our Reveal plugin)
  • Create solid fix for positioning the initial Orbit container (since it gets wrapped and positioning gets broken without redundant CSS)
  • Continue browser testing and improving the initial load
  • Improve comment styles to be more flexible