Unity plugin for developping app and games with NeuroSky MindwaveMobile.
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Mindwave Unity

This is a Unity plugin for developping app and games with the NeuroSky MindwaveMobile, on the occasion of the Serious Game Jam.

Note: This project is made with Unity 2017.2.0f3. The package works well on Unity 2017.x versions, but had not been tested on older versions.


1. Pair the device

First, pair the Mindwave headset with you computer through Bluetooth. On Windows, go to Settings > Devices and click on "Add a Bluetooth or other device". In the popup, choose "Bluetooth", and wait for "MindwaveMobile" device to appear. Click on the device, and pair it using the code 0000.

2. Install and run ThinkGear Connector

Then, you need to install ThinkGear Connector. It's a tool developped by NeuroSky that emit data from any of their device to a network socket. So it allows you to get data from the device, just like you get data from a website, using sockets.

3. Change the API Compatibility Level

  • In your Unity Project, go to Edit > Project Settings > Player.
  • Unfold the **Other Settings" section.
  • Under Configuration, change the value of Api Compatibility Level to ".NET 2.0" (and not ".NET 2..0 Subset").

4. Start using plugin components

Back to the Unity plugin. You can find a folder Package at the project root. Import that package into your Unity project.

This package contains the classes and components of the plugin, a demo scene and a "ready-to-use" prefab.


Navigate through the Documentation/ directory to know more about this library and its content.


Components & Utilities


This library uses Jayrock, and needs ThinkGear Connector app running.