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Cavendish MediaWiki skin version 2.5.0


This version of the skin is compatible with MW 1.35+


The Cavendish skin requires the MonoBook skin to be installed as the CavendishTemplate class extends MonoBook's MonoBookTemplate class.


There are different options that can be set in LocalSettings.php.

$wgCavendishLogoURL URL to the logo image that should be displayed in the header

$wgCavendishLogoWidth width of the logo as a number in px

$wgCavendishLogoHeight height of the logo as a number in px

$wgCavendishLogoMargin offset on top of the logo

$wgCavendishSiteWidth fixed width of the content area, if not set it's dynamic (default is false, that means dynamic)

$wgCavendishExtensionCSS DEPRECATED. Set this to false if you do not want to use Cavendish CSS for certain extensions (default is true). As of 12 June 2017 Cavendish automatically uses its own CSS for the following extensions if and when said extensions are installed: Babel, Cite, InputBox, LiquidThread, WikiEditor

$wgCavendishQRCode Whether to add QR code to all pages (true) or not (false)

$wgCavendishQRUrlAdd Used to track campaign for entry through QR Code in analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics, Piwik, ...); default is "?pk_campaign=qr-code"

$wgCavendishColor Select color of the theme: blue, brown or green (default is blue)