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Dalek IRC

DalekIRC Services

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DalekIRC Services with UnrealIRCd & WordPress integration tailored to you.

Why do I need Dalek?

With WordPress + Dalek + UnrealIRCd, you have more creative control over things such as:

  • How your users register and manage their profile:
    • Works with Ultimate Member, customise how your profiles look
    • Create your own registration options like Date of Birth, Gender ID, Location etc. in WordPress, and these will be reflected in chat.
    • Profile pictures are shown on IRC to clients who support METADATA
  • Confirmation emails, account deletion, bans and suspensions are all do-able from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Add and remove Services staff via website, simply by adding or revoking their permission in the WordPress Users tab. You can oper them from the WordPress dashboard.
  • With our WordPress plugin, you have an overview of all the users, channels, network bans, servers. Additionally, you can oper staff on IRC from the website, rehash servers, remove bans, WHOIS users, WHOIS IPs, and more.

Although DalekIRC currently uses bots (NickServ, ChanServ etc), the ball is rolling to move things to a more "server-side command" environment, eliminating need to message a bot to ask what you need.

To find out more about how DalekIRC compliments UnrealIRCd, check out the Add-On for UnrealIRCd

Knows how to talk with

  • WordPress
  • JSON-RPC (remote procedure calls)
  • UnrealIRCd
  • SQL Databases
  • You!


DalekIRC has a keen interest in the advancement of IRC, and so aims to implement as many IRCv3 features as is workable from a services point of view, as well as suggest a few things in return.

Author of DalekIRC also contributes early implementations of IRCv3 features in UnrealIRCd.

To learn more about IRCv3, what it means, and how it's used, check out their website.

To learn more about how DalekIRC uses IRCv3, check out the support table

Popular repositories

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  4. dalek Public

    WordPress plugin which works with Dalek IRC Services

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