A web app that will help you combine personal and public playlists into a new one or merge with existing playlist. Furthermore, you can reorder your playlist tracks with drag and drop.
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A web app that allows a Spotify user to merge multiple (personal, private, and public) playlists into a new awesome playlist.


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  • Reorder the tracks in your playlists just with drag and drop! As easy as drag and drop!

  • Select all or specific tracks from the playlist to add to the queue Click on add playlist to add all tracks from that playlist!

  • Search and add public playlist tracks created by Spotify users around the world. You can search by genre, artist, song, mood, and other categories. Add all or selected public playlist tracks!

  • Create a new playlist out of added personal and public playlist tracks. You can add a custom playlist cover image and set it as either private or public. Add all or selected public playlist tracks!

  • Or... you can combine the added playlist tracks with one of your existing playlists. Now your playlist is updated with the brand new songs! This is the idea of merging different types of playlists into another playlist you own. Merge queud playlist tracks with existing playlist!

New Feature Details

  • Each release has its own set of new features. You can find the details in the releases section
  • You can also track the board of features I am working on in this project board


PRs are always welcome! If there is a bug or a new feature that you can add to this app, I would appreciate it a lot! Read the contribution guide to have you up and running. If you find the guide confusing, create an issue or join chat.

Run project locally

To run the project on your local machine:

  1. git clone https://github.com/DalerAsrorov/componofy.git
  2. cd ./componofy
  3. yarn install
  4. In /componofy/src/utils/helpers.js replace DEV_SERVER_URL with HOST_URL.
  5. Create an .env file with the following information:
SPOTIFY_CLIENT=[your own spotify client key]
SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET=[your own spotify client secret key]
YAR_PASS=[any set of characters (without quotes)]
  1. yarn start:api in one terminal (window/tab)
  2. yarn start:dev in another terminal (window/tab)
  3. Go to localhost:3000 in your favorite browser

Note: you can get spotify client app and secret keys in Developer's website section


Apache License 2.0